The Company

Compu-Med Vocational Careers, Corp. was founded in May of 1990, and the corporation was organized in September of 1989. At that time, the school was called Medical and Dental Training Center. In July of 2000, we changed the name of our school, and we are now called Compu-Med Vocational Careers, Corp.

Compu-Med Vocational Careers, Corp. is dedicated to providing relevant education and vocational training that will enable our graduates to take advantage of career opportunities within our specialties, and to acquire entry level positions upon graduation. The School provides a comfortable and pleasing environment, which is reflective through positive student surveys. The result is always positive. We constantly try to improve by giving the student in learning techniques guided by professionals who make teaching their vocation. We promote among Compu-Med Vocational Careers Team members an atmosphere of respect, dignity, and trust, which motivate them working together to the best of their abilities and giving the students our best services.

Students are a main priority at CMVC. This is why in addition to the technical training offered, CMVC team members educate and teach our students rules of professionalism and moral conduct.

Discipline, punctuality and attendance are our major tools in the process of training and educating students. At CMVC we care about the students’ worries and needs, advising and guiding them through their educational journey until they reach their goals as well trained and educated individuals capable of taking care of our community members with professionalism, ethics, and compassion.


Message from the President

On November of 1989, we set our sights on education in the state of Florida.  Our hopes were high, although, we had our doubts; we strove to be an asset to the community. We saw many young people with a strong desire to achieve careers that will lead them to successful futures.  We knew that we could help them to succeed. That is how after 27 years our institution became what it is now.  Along the way, we found out how to amalgamate desires with professionalism.

Health related careers demand students to adhere to high standards of ethics, professionalism, dedication and compassion. Prior to enrolling at our school, you must ask yourself if you want to work in the health care profession. Do you feel that a health career is your vocation? Assuming that your answer is affirmative; we can travel together through this beautiful educational journey until graduation when you are successfully working in the health-related field.

We are now offering the Computer Business Application program in case you rather work with computers than in the health care field.

On behalf of myself and Compu-Med Vocational Careers team, I extend a very warm welcome.



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